Catering Options

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  1. Meat
    We suggest anywhere from 1/4 -1/2 lb of meat per person and 2 bones per person. For Brisket...lean more to 1/2 lb due to the fact that it is sliced. When doing as sandwiches you can go toward 1/4 lb especially if using smaller buns. Brisket $18.00/lb Pulled Pork $13/lb St. Louis Style Ribs $20/slab
  2. Depending on size, some sauce will come with your order with a max of 16 oz. Additional cups are $2.00/8 oz
    Sauce/ Bread
    Buns/Cornbread $0.50/piece
  3. Sides
    1/2 pan $22.50 (feeds 10-15). Full pan $45.00 (feeds 20-25) Beans, Potato Salad or Cole slaw
  4. Drinks
    Gallon Jugs $3.50/ Gallon Tea, Sweet Tea or Lemonade
  5. Utensils
    Utensils are available for eating and serving purposes at additional cost
  6. Delivery Charge
    !0% of total order (within range of the restaurant -additional charge will be considered if outside of our designated range.