Tired Texan BBQ
Fire. Smoke. Time. Passion.

This is our credo at Tired Texan BBQ and we welcome you! One of the most profound outpourings of
love is to feed and provide sustenance to others. We strive to offer the finest ingredients, with the
utmost freshness, in a comfortable environment. You’re family around here, and if something’s not
right, be sure to let us know. Since all of our smoked products come right off the smoker, we may even
sell out!! Don’t worry, we won’t let you leave hungry.

As a kid growing up in Alabama, it seemed like every family had their favorite BBQ place. Loyalty ran
deep and arguments often became heated over which joint was the best. Spoiler alert; they were all
fantastic. Everyone thinks of the food when they stake their claim to a particular restaurant, but I found
something more at the original Tired Texan. It was a rather unassuming location tucked inside a gas
station. It was only open late at night until the wee hours of the morning in one of the roughest parts of
Birmingham. Ira, the owner, worked a regular day job and loved to cook so much, he moonlighted as a
BBQ pitmaster. I think he found it good therapy for the soul. There was no inside seating; everyone
gathered around a couple of picnic tables across the street. The clientele consisted of doctors, lawyers,
brave high school students, various representatives of the possible local criminal element and almost
every other type of person you can imagine. Everyone sat side by side, in full acceptance of each other,
with one thing in common; enjoying Tired Texan BBQ. I learned more about life sitting at those picnic
tables at midnight than I did probably anywhere else. That’s when I realized BBQ wasn’t just a food
genre, it was a life lesson. As he has now passed away, Ira is Tired no more, but the name Tired Texan
will live on and we will do our best to honor it and maybe pass along a little of his therapy for the soul.
Fire. Smoke. Time. Passion. And Love.

Chip, Christine, Piper and Keltie

 Chip and Christine
We left our career occupations to follow our dreams and open our own BBQ restaurant here in Omaha, NE. We do things a little differently in our approach to BBQ by cooking fresh daily and using the highest quality beef and pork available. You'll be able to taste the freshness of BBQ straight from the smoker, sliced or pulled to order. The drawback is the possibility of selling out of the big meats. We'll have ribs all day since the turn times are in the 5 hour range, but there's no magic formula for replacing large cuts of meat that typically smoke for 12-18 hours. We could increase our volume by cooking the day before, chilling and re-heating the next day. This is a common practice in many restaurants, but we feel like we would be serving leftovers, and our diners deserve better. We hope you'll give us a try and make us your BBQ of choice in the metro. 

We have two precious daughters, a sweet Golden Retriever and make our home in Papillion, NE.